Archived Alerts (Inactive)


UPDATE: LUPD has secured campus, it is safe to move around. Police continue to investigate the incident, please continue to exercise caution.


UPDATE: LUPD is continuing to work to ensure campus is secure. Please stay inside until the lockdown is lifted.


UPDATE: LUPD still working to ensure campus is secure. Please remain in a secure location until further notice.


UPDATE: Farmville and LUPD investigating report of gunshots off campus. LUPD working to clear campus. Updates:


EMERGENCY: Police investigating a person with a gun on campus. Go inside to a locked and secure location. Updates at

Tornado Warning lifted

Update: The National Weather Service has lifted the tornado warning for Farmville and Prince Edward. All clear.

Tornado Warning Update

Update: Tornado warning in effect until 8:30 pm. Please continue to stay in tornado shelter area until the warning is lifted.


EMERGENCY: A tornado warning has been issued for Longwood. Go to the tornado shelter area in the nearest building and await an all clear message.

Earthquake Drill Concluded

The alert system test for the national earthquake drill has concluded.

Earthquake Drill

This is an alert system test for a national earthquake drill. In an actual emergency, find info at