Update on COVID-19

The Virginia Department of Health informed the University this morning that a second Longwood student has received a positive COVID-19 test result.

The student lives off-campus and has self-quarantined since last Wednesday, March 18. VDH believes the student acquired the virus while traveling out-of-state the week after spring break, but is not certain of the origin.

As with the case reported on March 11, VDH has already been in touch with identified contacts of the student prior to their self-quarantine, and is now following up directly with those contacts. If you have any questions or concerns about symptoms or possible exposure, call the local VDH office at 434-392-3984 or our University Health Service at 434-395-2102. Locally, Centra has set up a hotline at 434-200-1225.

Last week, Longwood advised students who can return home safely to do so. This applies to students living on or off campus. As the virus continues to spread rapidly in Virginia and nationwide, it is extremely important that anyone who has been asked to self-quarantine do so, and that everyone follow state and federal guidance to self-distance, avoid even small gatherings and stay at home or in their residence hall rooms as much as possible.