Update on Norovirus cases

As of Wednesday morning, there were about ten new reports of possible norovirus cases, and because some affected students are beginning to get well, the overall count remains about 40 on campus. We of course recognize there are likely some other cases on and around campus that haven’t been reported, but we have a detailed reporting system in place and are confident we are tracking this effectively. Of course, as is always the case on campus in February, we continue to have students stick with flu-like and other illnesses. Not everyone who is sick has norovirus.

It is important that we remain extremely vigilant – the norovirus isn’t just present here at Longwood but throughout the region. Continue to wash your hands vigorously and often, and practice good hygiene. We will continue with stepped up cleaning efforts, and are meeting daily to coordinate efforts.

The illness typically lasts for 24 to 48 hours; however it still may be possible spread the virus after symptoms have disappeared, so it is imperative if you have had norovirus (intensive vomiting and diarrhea) that you continue to wash hands aggressively afterward. Those who believe they have had norovirus  should stay home for two full days after their symptoms disappear.

We’ve been in contact with Academic Affairs regarding class attendance policy. There is no reason for well students to stay home. If you become sick, as always you should contact your professor and make arrangements for making up work. If there are issues or concerns with that, contact your Assistant/Associate Dean of your College.