Update on Norovirus cases

Norovirus continues to be present on campus though at the moment its transmission appears to be fairly stable. As of 11 a.m. today we had reports of about 16 new cases of norovirus-like illness over the past 24 hours – about the same rate as the past few days. As the symptoms tend to last 24-48 hours, students are also getting well, so the overall prevalence on campus is fairly stable at the moment.

“Cases of norovirus are very common for this area this time of year,” said David Martin, an official with the Piedmont District of the Virginia Department of Health. “We have seen cases across the region, and the numbers we have tracked at Longwood are not unusual. The best thing to do to protect yourself from the virus is continue washing hands often and practice good hygiene. The Virginia Department of Health and Longwood are working closely together to coordinate response and information.”

If you have symptoms of norovirus, please do not attend classes or report for work. If you are student, as always, work with faculty members to coordinate making up work. There is no reason for well students to stay home. Those who believe they have had norovirus should stay home for two full days after their symptoms disappear.

Longwood staff is continuing with stepped-up cleaning efforts across campus.