Siren and Voice Alert System

The siren and voice alert system consists of six speaker arrays located:

  • On the top of south Cunningham (pictured below)
  • On the top of curry (pictured below)
  • On the top of the scoreboard at the southern athletic fields (pictured below)
  • On the north wall of the club house at Longwood Village by the pool
  • On the north wall of the club house at Lancer Park
  • On the top of the southern athletic building at Longwood fields by the main entrance gate
South Cunningham
Athletic Fields
Inclement Weather
Weather Policy Q&A
Read the Q&A about Longwood’s inclement weather policy.
Safety Tips
View the winter weather safety tips to stay safe during ice and snow season.
Hurricane Preparedness
Read FEMA's information on hurricane preparedness.
In the event of a major emergency, let others know you're safe by using the #SafeAtLongwood hashtag on your public social media accounts. During a major crisis, cell service might be down. This is one way you can let friends and family know you're safe.
Phone Numbers
  • Emergency:
    Dial 9-1-1
  • Campus Police:
    (434) 395-2091
  • Farmville Emergency Communications Center:
    (434) 392-3332
  • Information Hotline:
    (434) 395-2000
  • Student Health & Wellness:
    (434) 395-2102
  • Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
    (434) 395-2409
  • Technology Help Desk:
    (434) 395-4357 (HELP)
  • Public Relations:
    (434) 395-2020