Winter Weather Safety Tips


Here are a few tips to stay safe during ice and snow season. 

  • Don’t rush. Give yourself time to get to school/work.
  • Drive carefully.
  • Dress warmly.
  • Wear sensible shoes.
  • Watch where you are walking.
  • Shorten the length of your stride while walking.
  • Check the forecast before heading outside.


  • Do not dart out in front of or behind snow-removal equipment. It is large, loud and difficult to stop quickly.
  • Make eye contact with a snow-removal equipment operator before crossing in front of him/her.
  • Use handrails on outside steps.

Salt and Ice-melt Compound

  • Call 395-2091 to report icy spots on campus.
  • It takes time for the ice-melt compound to take effect.
  • Stay back from equipment putting down ice-melt liquid or granular compound.

Sidewalks and Staff /Commuter Parking Lots

  • Do not park so close to the sidewalk that your car’s bumper hangs over it.
  • Brick walks have less traction than concrete walks. Be careful!
  • Sidewalks on north side of buildings and shaded areas are prone to have black ice. Be careful!
  • Avoid parking in part of a lot that has not yet been cleared.
  • Park where it’s plowed or wait a few minutes for the driver to finish and then park freely in the cleared lot. Don’t pull up behind working snow-removal equipment.

Please be careful during winter weather events!

Inclement Weather
Weather Policy Q&A
Read the Q&A about Longwood’s inclement weather policy.
Safety Tips
View the winter weather safety tips to stay safe during ice and snow season.
In the event of a major emergency, let others know you're safe by using the #SafeAtLongwood hashtag on your public social media accounts. During a major crisis, cell service might be down. This is one way you can let friends and family know you're safe.
Phone Numbers
  • Emergency:
    Dial 9-1-1
  • Campus Police:
    (434) 395-2091
  • Farmville Emergency Communications Center:
    (434) 392-3332
  • Information Hotline:
    (434) 395-2000
  • Student Health & Wellness:
    (434) 395-2102
  • Technology Help Desk:
    (434) 395-4357 (HELP)
  • Public Relations:
    (434) 395-2020