Archived Alerts (Inactive)

follow up.

no threat to campus at present. area was checked by police. remain diligent of any suspicious activity and report such.

suspicious person

FPD received report of shirtless black male with a rifle near Oak Street. No one fitting that description was located.


At this time the thunderstorm has passed but there is still rain and wind in the area. Please watch out for possible trees,limbs and power lines in the road ways.


sever thunderstorms warning in the area. It is excepted to hit campus with in the next 15 minutes.

Shooting: All Clear

All Clear. Police have made an arrest in the shooting incident. Lockdown is lifted.

Emergency: Shooting near campus

There have been shots fired near campus, and police are investigating. Please get indoors and await further info.

All Clear

NOTICE: Police have secured campus and lifted the shelter in place. Investigation into the shooting near campus continues. Be vigilant.

Emergency: Shots fired Update

Emergency:At approximately 7:30 pm, several shots were fired from a white Toyota Camry in a residential area of Main Street near Wynn Drive across from campus. The car left the scene traveling north on Main Street. Police are investigating and working to secure campus. Exercise caution.

Emergency: Shots fired

Emergency: Police are investigating a report of shots fired at a residence across from campus on Main Street. Campus Police urges everyone to use caution and report any suspicious activity immediately. Updates will follow.

Active Shooter

Emergency: Shots have been fired near campus, Please take shelter and stay alert for further instructions