Hurricane Michael Update

An update on where we stand after Hurricane Michael hit the region last week, and a long weekend of very hard work by our facilities and residence life staff, and many others on campus.

The university will reopen as scheduled on Tuesday and classes will resume as scheduled on Wednesday. Power is restored to all buildings on campus, and cleanup and repair efforts are continuing.

  • The ground floor of Bedford Hall was impacted more than any other place on campus, and will be closed while crews repair water damage. The rest of Bedford Hall will be open Wednesday as normal. Students who have classed on the ground floor of Bedford will be told by their professors where their class will be relocated.
  • Lancer Park also sustained water damage and an aggressive operation is under way there that will include continuing assessment of both damage and air quality. Repair work is already underway, and Residence Life is working to relocate students from a handful of rooms until the work is completed.
  • A number of trees on campus sustained serious damage. Grounds crews and outside experts worked to save those they could, but sadly several had to be taken down after they were determined to have internal rot or otherwise fatal structural damage and posed a danger of falling on pedestrians.
  • Public locker rooms in Willett Hall continue to be open from 10-4 today and tomorrow for families who still don’t have power.
  • If you note any other damage as you return to your residence halls or work, please submit a work order at or through the link at

Thank you to everyone who has worked long hours to get campus up and running after the storm. Your hard work and dedication are much appreciated!

Hurricane Michael Update

For anyone traveling to or from Longwood: Roads on campus are clear but you should check the statewide road conditions at

Hurricane Michael Update

Campus update for students: Power is restored to all residence halls including Lancer Park and Longwood Village. The Longwood campus will continue to serve students who remain on campus over fall break, and the Dining Hall will be open. If you have decided to remain on campus for any length of time, please register at

We encourage students who do head home for fall break to pay close attention to reports on road conditions at

Hurricane Michael Update

This morning we’re taking stock after yesterday’s powerful storm, which left considerable wind and water damage across parts of campus. We’re grateful that all students, faculty and staff are safe, and deeply thankful to our facilities, police and residence life staff who worked through the night. Longwood always rises to the occasion in a real crisis.

We were lucky compared to some of our neighbors in our home community of Farmville, who experienced the worst of the damage locally. We’ll continue to communicate over the days to come as we work over fall break to get our campus fully up and running as soon as possible.

Hurricane Michael Update: Longwood Closed Friday

The university will be closed on Friday, and only essential personnel are expected to report. We’ll be working to assess damage and address issues on campus as quickly as possible.

Dorrill Dining Hall plans to be open from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Students who live on main campus: go to your room. Students needing transport to off-campus housing: go to library. Safe transport being arranged.

Hurricane Michael Update

We are arranging safe transport to off-campus housing, including the Landings, because of issues with flooding, downed trees, and power lines. Students who live on main campus: go to your room. Students needing transport to off-campus housing: go to library. Safe transport being arranged.

Hurricane Michael Update

Message to campus: As Farmville confronts this serious storm and the flash-flood warning in effect until 9 p.m., campus police and maintenance are continuing to work hard to keep everyone safe and address issues on campus as they come up. The community has been asked to stay off the roads.

Hurricane Michael Update

As campus deals with heavy rain and wind caused by Hurricane Michael, here are several updates for the Longwood community:

  • A flash flood warning has been issued for the Farmville region until 9 p.m.
  • Evening activities scheduled for Oct. 11 are canceled.
  • Because of road conditions in Farmville and Prince Edward County, the Farmville Area Bus will not run the rest of the evening. The town has also requested all vehicles stay off the roads until conditions improve
  • Rain will likely continue throughout the evening. Please use good judgment for your safety.
  • Additional updates will appear here.


Hurricane Michael Updates

See for updates regarding Hurricane Michael.